Great news! The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board endorses Anne Gannon as the best choice for Palm Beach County Tax Collector.

Here’s what they said:

Endorsement: For Palm Beach County Tax Collector, vote Anne Gannon
By: Sun Sentinel Editorial Board

Editorial Board interview with Palm Beach County Tax Collector incumbent candidate Anne Gannon. Republican challenger, Frank Ciatto, was unable to attend.

Tax collectors don’t just perform the obvious services. The offices also issue drivers’ licenses — the Legislature added that duty — and vehicle registrations. Gannon has said for years that she’s in the service business, and few components of state government have more contact with the public.

Gannon is a Democrat who served in the Legislature for six years before running for this constitutional office. She serves on many community groups, especially in her hometown of Delray Beach, and touts her accessibility.

Another mark in Gannon’s favor: She has vigorously fought to make vacation rentals pay their tourist and sales taxes. Gannon said “lots of big businesses” are buying up properties and turning what began as a way for homeowners to make extra money into an industry that ignores regulations and threatens single-family neighborhoods.

Gannon said some COVID-19 changes, such as requiring appointments for renewals of driver’s licenses, may become permanent. She used $350,000 in federal relief money for safety improvements. Ciatto doesn’t offer persuasive evidence that he could do better. The Sun Sentinel recommends Anne Gannon for Palm Beach County Tax Collector.

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