Over 1,400,000 – That’s how many residents my office serves at any given time. It’s a big job; nevertheless, it’s an important job that I am honored to do every day.

When those 1.4 million residents need a driver license, a vehicle registration, or a business tax receipt, they call my office. Our entire operation is focused on serving you.

One of the most important functions is the collection of $4 billion in property taxes and $54 million in Tourist Development Taxes. Those funds are used to pay for vital community services across our county and municipalities. Accurate collections ensure local governments can function properly and fund their annual budgets.

As your Constitutional Tax Collector, protecting your tax dollars is a job I take very seriously. That’s why I put in place reforms and worked to modernize the office with innovation, technology, and an ultra-focused attention to customer service. These new changes have kept the office running efficiently and provided us the resources to recover millions of dollars owed back to the taxpayers of Palm Beach County.

Now more than ever, we need experienced leadership guiding our Tax Collector’s office. With local government budget challenges due to COVID-19, the work we do to collect taxes, ensure accurate numbers, and protect your tax dollars is critically important.

I am on the ballot this General Election, and I’m asking for your vote so I can continue to serve you. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd, or you can vote early during Early Voting or by casting a mail ballot.